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(Dr. Lucien Sanou, M.D., Ph.D. www.jesus-sat.org)

Work into the Triumph of God-Foundation Spiritual Care and Medicine offers a concrete bridge to move from “I feel good” toward good Health through a Biopsychosocial and Spiritual Approach using an Oxygenation Technique and a Meditation-prayer Exercise as a Healing Complement for Spiritual Suffering and Physical Suffering.

WTG-Foundation Spiritual Care and Medicine Intervention triggers an immediate effect to feel good as a Transition for Better Health for a person struggling between Spirituality and Conventional Science and Medicine to remedy to problematic suffering.


718-819-7943 or 816-984-7278

Or email wtgfscm@jesus-sat.org or lucien@jesus-sat.org

To order service ($1-80 and what you can) and Further Information

(1) Jesus Self-Assisted Therapy/Treatment (SAT) is for HEALTHY HAPPINESS and the QUALITY of LIFE

(2) Within Conscientious Breathing Techniques and a Meditation-prayer Jesus immediately makes you experience "I feel good"  

(3) By opening your self to the Action of the Holy Spirit, you have few secondes to one (1) month to experience the Peace, the Joy, the Freedom, the Faith, the Hope, the Love, and the Justice that please to God.